How it works

Hello there! Do you want to get fresh, organic, produce each week?

You have come to the right place!

Each week we place an order with our organic distributer in Portland, Oregon from their seasonal available selection. The produce is then put on the barge in a refrigerated container while it makes its way to us.

While we wait for the barge to get here, you can log into your account and see what goodies are coming our way and pick out what you'd like to get in your box. It varies each week but we usually have around 100 different types of organic fruits and veggies for you to choose from. In order to help us know how much to order we have a $50 minimum each week. This does not include any dry goods you may want to add to your selection. Sometimes things are past their prime by the time they reach us so we may need to substitute something in your box. When you sign up for your account there is a section where you can let us know things that you would never like to see in your box and of course you can always let us know your first choice of substitution in the "notes" section at checkout.

We also carry some organic dry goods that you can add to your order. Please note that these items are not included in the $50 order minimum.

After we hand pack your box we will text or email you. You can either pick up your box from our self serve area or we can deliver it to your door for $10. If you would like delivery make sure you add "delivery" to your cart when you place your order.

Each week, after all the orders are filled we send out an email with our abundance list. After all the pre-ordered boxes are filled this is what we still have available. If we have an abundance of something we put it on sale to make sure it does't go to waste. The $50 minimum is waved for these purchases and there is no commitment. This is a great option if you are just looking for a few things but beware the selection is much more limited.

Are you ready for fresh, organic produce?

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